I surprised myself by accepting the professional contract offer from Saudi Arabia. It was a heavy decision that also intimidated me, for up to then, I was hearing nothing good about Saudi Arabia. I never imagined myself being transplanted in the Middle East, let alone Saudi Arabia. But as it would turn out, the Saudis needed me and I needed them.--Dr Elizabeth Taylor

Under the abaya 

Under the Abaya is a book that could not be more timely. It is an excursion into the fabric of life on the ground and the wonder of it all from Dr. Taylor's extensive stay in Saudi Arabia. The book is a compilation of stories and situations that were most poignant, that stood out and made a lasting immpression on Dr. Taylor. It is her firsthand expose and factual account from living and working as a single professional woman at an acute transitional time in the Kingdom. Through her candid experiential interpretations, Dr. Taylor literally, 'takes you there' in Under the Abaya.  

Once I began reading this book, I just could not put it down. I ordered and sent copies to my friends. It’s a must read! --Albert Brown
While reading the book I was engrossed and right there on Dr. Taylor’s personal journey with her. --Susan Campbell
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Formula 9 

Formula 9 is a bold approach to personal uplift. It is a ‘tool-based' resource guide that enables you to fortify your consciousness to live better and master your life. It is grounded in practical wisdom, spiritual truths, and depth psychology punctuated with indigenous ‘ways of knowing’. With Formula 9 you can grow your understanding of the challenges and problems that come with everyday living in today’s complex world. With Formula 9 you can develop tools to actualize your desires and reach your goals. The information contained in this book is nothing new. It is ages old knowledge which has been culled, reformulated, and rendered, especially for you.  

There are some things we were not taught, there are a lot of things we need to know. I found it especially useful to know more about my inner and outer realities and how they are both important to understand.-- Juan Carlos Aguila
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Wisdom to go self-improvement tools 

Time is certainly at a premium these days! Few people have the time to stop and listen to thought-provoking words, much less read them. Dr. Elizabeth D. Taylor has solved the problem of time-crunch with her book, Wisdom To Go. Here are 52 short, meaningful "pearls" of wisdom, meant to provide a source of reflection for anyone on the path to achieving their personal goals. WIth subjects ranging from stress and anxiety to parenting and personal growth, this little book touches upon nearly every aspect of our daily emotional lives.  A blank page following each piece offers space for you to record your own thoughts on the subject.    

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